Withrow Weight Room Upgrades

Two Physical Fitness facilities were created in 2006 as part of the major building renovations and serve over 400 students yearly as part of the academic Physical Education programs and athletic team training. One facility emphasizes cardio-vascular training, and the second facility emphasizes weight training. Unfortunately, both facilities used the same 3/8″ floor covering on top of the concrete floor. This proved woefully inadequate for the weight training facility, resulting in an unsafe, unsanitary, and unsightly classroom environment. Further, as Denny Duermit ’69 (Alumni Board member, Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame member, and 14 year Walnut Hills Basketball Coach) simply states, “Our current Weight Room facility is embarrassing and puts Withrow at a significant disadvantage relative to other Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) in attracting and preparing our stuĀ­dent-athletes for competitive play now and beyond high school.”

In a first phase of upgrades in June, new floor covĀ­ering and three free weight platforms were installed. CPS Facilities made necessary repairs to the existing walls and painted the facility. Visually attractive and inspiring wall graphics have also been added. The last phase includes inventory of current weight/ equipment to identify gaps and replacement needs in order to bring the Withrow facility on par with its competitive schools. To date, the Alumni Assn. has committed $14,405 for the floor covering and platforms. Please support the Alumni Assn. with this and other projects that help Withrow students by making a donation. Click HERE.

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