Withrow Super Alums Step Up

By Dave Blocksom
The Board of Trustees has been planning several projects and events to celebrate Withrow’s Centennial during 2019. Please join us for the Withrow Sounds Again in May and a Withrow Centennial Weekend in September. In addition to getting alumni back to campus, getting our students involved in the celebration, and enhancing the buildings and grounds for the celebration, we would be remiss if we didn’t use this opportunity for a Centennial fund raising campaign.

This summer the Board reached out to 300 alums who have been generous donors through the years and asked them to help us jump-start this Centennial campaign. Their response has been overwhelming! They’ve donated over $19,000 to date. This mailing of Tower News should reach over 10,000 Withrow alumni, and we are asking the other 9,700 of you to please help us out during our Centennial year. The goal is to raise enough money to create an endowment for future needs. Every donation matters, no matter the size. If everyone receiving this Tower News donates just $10, we can raise almost $100,000 —an incredible Centennial endowment to leave for Withrow’s future. The number of donors also impacts future grant requests.

The last Tower News included an article explaining how $76,945 of alumni donations was spent last year on Withrow including projects supporting academics, sports, music, school staff and campus maintenance and beautification. All of this work is carried out by Board members and other volunteers who contribute their services. There is no paid staff. Your donations go directly to Withrow. For more information on the Board of Trustees, click HERE.

Withrow’s Centennial Celebration would be truly special is every alum made a donation. You can do it now by clicking HERE. If you have a particular interest at Withrow, you can direct your donation to that area by selecting an appropriate Donation Button; and that donation will be credited a specific account for that purpose. For example, the Campus Maintenance Committee (tower, bridge, walkways, landscaping, etc.), funds improvements CPS doesn’t fund; and my contributions are directed to that effort. Last year, Architectural Digest named Withrow the most beautiful public high school campus in the state of Ohio!

If you have to make a Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA you can use part of that distribution as a contribution to Withrow and that part of the distribution will not be taxable to you (we are an IRS 501(3)(c) non-profit). It’s fairly simple to make that distribution. You can also include the Withrow Alumni Assn. in your estate planning. You can contribute low cost basis stock to Withrow and not have to pay the capital gains tax on it, yet still receive the current market value as a tax deduction. Any donation to Withrow Alumni Inc. is tax deductible. You can use the convenient contribution envelope included in this issue of Tower News. If you have any questions about your contribution to Withrow Alumni please don’t hesitate to send an email to Dave Blocksom at withrowalum@gmail.com.

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