Withrow Sounds Again, May 9-11, 2019

Withrow Sounds Again performances will be Thursday, May 9th at 7:30pm, and Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th at 8pmPlease note that this is a change from the dates published earlier. Reserved seat tickets will go on sale Monday April 1, 2019. They may be purchased at the school or online by clicking HERE.

Tickets Prices: Adults – $20, Children 12 and under – $10; and Withrow students can buy tickets at school for $8 or online for $10.

Preparations continue at a hectic pace. A Withrow Sounds Again website is now up at www.withrowsoundsagain.org.  Check it out! Posters and signs are available for marketing. Auditions are over; the show has been cast and music selected. For Facebook users, follow the action on the Withrow Sounds Again Facebook page.

Anyone can buy a sponsored message line in the program for $2 through the WSA website, and Business ads and sponsorships are also being sold. Sponsors and donors will be recognized on the WSA website and in the programs at the following levels: Producers – $5,000 and up, Directors – $2,500-$4,999, Ass’t. Directors – $1,000-$2,499 and Cast Members – $500-$999. If you know any businesses that may be interested in being a sponsor, please submit a Contact Form by clicking HERE

We need volunteers to assist with costumes, dressing rooms, parking, refreshments, ushers and other volunteer duties. If you’re willing to help out contact please fill out the WSA Volunteer Form by clicking HEREAlternatively, you may contact Zachery Riggins ’72 – 513-652-5080, or leave a message with the alumni office, 513-363-9085.

If you would like to help restore the arts at Withrow and the Withrow Sounds Again production, please click HERE and make a donation

CPS continues to restore the audio and lighting necessary for music and theatrical presentations. Starting in January, CPS is also providing part time support for a Vocal Director – Avery Hammond, and a Choreographer – Melody Nordmoe. Also in January, a part time Musical Director – Jay Bressart will be available. Stage Manager – Sayre Frederich from CPS has been working with the Sounds production since last summer.

Zachery Riggins ’72 and English Teacher Diane Roland have begun teaching a drama class. As they did last year, Science teacher Jody McOsker and Chemistry/Physics teacher Caroline Burns will assist with drama productions.

Considering that one year ago there were only a couple of stage lights and the opportunity for students to participate in music and theater was very limited, Withrow alumni can be very excited and proud of the expanded opportunities and the prospect for a brighter future. Please help provide more opportunities with a donation by clicking HERE


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