Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Withrow High School has a rich heritage of producing outstanding athletes, and we are pleased to recognize these distinguished individuals.  We would appreciate nominations from our alumni and friends.  Please submit your nominee’s information using the criteria below.

Criteria for Selection

Nominations are open to all male and female athletes (including GAA activities), living or deceased, who participated in sports while attending Withrow High School. Nominations will be considered for those who were outstanding while at Withrow and may have continued on post-Withrow to establish sports accomplishments (including GAA girls). Nominations will be considered for those who were outstanding at Withrow but did not continue on post-Withrow to establish sports accomplishments (including GAA girls).  Nominations will be considered for those who were not necessarily outstanding at Withrow but did continue on post-Withrow to establish sports accomplishments (including GAA girls).

Nominees must have demonstrated good citizenship while at Withrow High School and thereafter. Those convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of incarceration will not be considered for induction.

Consideration will be given to nominees who may not have graduated from Withrow High School, as early years graduation records may be lost, death while at Withrow, relocation, military participation and/or other reasons. In the event of relocation, the Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will ensure that the person is not in another Greater Cincinnati High School Hall of Fame which would result in WAHOF ineligibility.

All nominees must be post-Withrow for at least five (5) years.

A maximum of five (5) nominees will be inducted each year. A submitted nomination form will be valid for four (4) nomination periods. If the nominee is not inducted at the end of four (4) nomination periods, a new nomination form must be submitted.


If you wish to file a Nomination Form by postal mail, please

Download Nomination Form
and mail it to the address below:

Withrow Alumni, Inc.
P.O. Box 8186

Cincinnati, OH 45208
Attn: Athletic Hall of Fame

You may submit copies of news clippings, statistics, etc. to support this nomination either with the form or anytime thereafter by postal mail or email.

 You may file a Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form online by filling out the form below:

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