Withrow Alumni Association Report – Fall 2016

The Withrow Alumni Association Board of Trustees, pictured above, in partnership with Withrow Alumni continues to be an enthusiastic supporter of the Withrow Staff and students to “promote a healthy learning environment” both within the classroom and beyond. The Jane Green and Diane Roland Reading Center, the Donate-a-Chair and Fuel-Our-Tigers projects, the Withrow Athlectic Hall of Fame and the restoration of the Junior High Arch are examples of how YOUR SUPPORT enriches our students’ learning experiences. Please continue your support and Donate Now.

The Jane Green/Diane Roland Reading Center

Board Member Kathy Price-Rieck has led an effort to create a new Withrow Reading Center. With laptops in classrooms, rapid access to the “past and present world” is just a click away. Technological advances have certainly altered and facilitated the breadth and depth of educational development. In turn, school libraries have faced challenges in order to remain viable, and, for a myriad of reasons, the Withrow Library ceased operations in 2001…Read More

2016 Athletic Hall  of Fame Selections

Join us to celebrate the induction of the 2016 Class into the Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place on Friday, January 8, 2016 at half-time of the Withrow-Anderson varsity boys’ basketball game. Game time is scheduled for 7:30 P.M but is subject to change.The inductees in this fifth class of the WAHOF are Walter Laufer ’24 – Swimming; Dave Ritchie ’56 – Baseball, Basketball, Football; Perry Williams ’65 – Football; Denny Duermit ’69 – Basketball; Rudy McClinon ’70 – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track…Read More

Donate a Chair for Withrow Basketball

Board Member Carol Mitchell-Lawrence is spearheading a project to repair or replace the chairs used to watch Withrow home basketball games. Our chairs are over 10 years old; some in need of replacement; others are beyond well used; and our few replacement chairs are a different color orange. Our chairs are used for several different Withrow and CPS sporting events and will need to be replaced for the upcoming season…Read More

Junior High Arch

Board Member Dave Blocksom is leading a project to restore the Junior High Arch that led students to the original Junior High building. Early this past spring, the Alumni Association received a call from Helen Wilbur ’71 (granddaughter of Ralph Wilbur who was Principal of the Withrow Junior High from 1946-1957). Her family was in possession of the Withrow Junior High wrought iron arched sign that was over the driveway between the junior and senior high buildings…Read More