Withrow Alumni Mission


The mission or focus of the Withrow High School Alumni Association is to be a supportive partner to current and former students, teachers and staff at Withrow High School and to promote a healthy learning environment that helps prepare students to become successful, productive and contributing members of society.

In pursuit of its mission, the Withrow High School Alumni Association will have a diverse, inclusive, enthusiastic and committed Board of Trustees and general membership that is appropriately structured and financially viable to offer members the opportunity to assist Withrow High School while providing the benefits of participation and affiliation in our organization.

In enhancing the educational experience at Withrow, the Alumni Assn. engages in the following activities:

– Fundraising for capital projects, for example, repairs and maintenance of the bridge, tower, gym and fountain repair and grounds improvements, etc.

– Support educational needs, for example, purchase of books, art supplies, lab supplies, musical instruments, personal fitness equipment and maintenance and repair of same, music instruction, support of Summer Bridge Program, etc.

– Provide support in planning reunions, help with school tours, etc.

– Scholarships

– Student/Alumni networking

– Support for Extracurricular Activities, for example, contributions to assist in the purchase of athletic equipment, uniforms, etc.