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Regina Williams ’84, First Black Female CPS Athletic Director

Excerpted from article by Scott Springer
Cincinnati Enquirer, May 13, 2021, Read the full article by clicking HERE.

Withrow’s new Athletic Director Regina Williams ’84 is the first Black female in Cincinnati Public School history to head up an athletic department.

AD Willliams is a member of the Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame as well as the Cincinnati Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame. After her career at Withrow, she played basketball at the University of Cincinnati from 1985-89.

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Friday Football – Which Wich Fundraiser Spirit Night

This Friday for our game against Walnut Hills, we are partnering with Which Wich to raise money for our athletics program.  There are a number of ways individuals can contribute:

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Withrow’s Athletic Trainer

NOVEMBER 2014 – With all the concerns being expressed in national media about serious sports injuries at all levels, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association has reported that only 39% of public high schools have access to a full-time certified athletic trainer. Withrow is fortunate to be included in that 39%. Kelly Camp is in her fourth year as Withrow’s athletic trainer. Every day she leaves Children’s Hospital to be in the Withrow training room by 2:15 and can found on the side lines or court side for every home athletic event. She cherishes the opportunity she has in developing relationships with her Tiger athletes as she guides them through the aches and pains of participation. For many she has become a nutritionist, a confident, and a role model.

Withrow’s First Year in Eastern Cincinnati Conference

This is Withrow’s inaugural year in the Eastern Cincinnati Conference (ECC) and the fall season has presented itself as a difficult transition. As expected, the level of overall competition across all the ECC schools for all sports programs has proven to be demanding. This was one of the key reasons for moving from the CMAC to the ECC. Our Tigers achieved its seventh consecutive CMAC Sports Award Championship in the 2013-14 season (acknowledging cumulative successes across all sports programs), and the timing was appropriate to “stretch” our programs beyond “traditional comfort zones”. One can go to to follow all our Tiger teams’ schedules and results.  For further information go to the Community Press.