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Withrow Alumni Assn. Projects Report – Fall 2016

Taiwan Experience: For a second year, WAI was a catalyst in providing four students the opportunity to enrich their lives outside the classroom by being a part of a sixteen day exchange program in Taipei, Taiwan.  Read More →

Help Withrow with Kroger Plus Card

By Rob Hinton, ‘71, Board Member

When I was asked to become a member of the Withrow Alumni board two years ago, little did I know that I would actually have to do some work. After all, I’ve served on non-profit boards in the past where all I had to do was sit, nod and look pretty. So I “volunteered” to serve on the Withrow Alumni board’s Public Relations Committee. After spending nearly 25 years working in television news, I told myself I could do this! Right? ! Now comes my first  assignment…telling you (the alumni) how you can “reward” Withrow by using your Kroger Plus Shopping Card. Stay tuned (television news speak) because, I’m going to tell you how that works.

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Withrow’s Clock Tower Radiant at Night

tower_night384x384That headline and picture first appeared as an article in our Fall of 2007 Tower News following the complete restoration of Withrow’s clock mechanisms and facings.  The response of Alumni to financially support the restoration was overwhelming.  For the next nine years (or approximately 35,000 hours), the Clock facings did radiate at night like a beacon in the sky. Unfortunately, today, the current lighting system is now beyond repair; and all 48 florescent bulbs and ballasts are burnt out.  Board member Dave Blocksom ’68 (retired from a career in residential construction) thoroughly researched lighting options and presented to the Board of Trustees a plan to replace the lighting system with energy efficient LED lights in water proof housings.  The new system will have an approximate life of 20 years.  The cost to replace the system for all four clock faces is $6,700.  Your Board encourages YOUR support of any amount to keep the clock tower radiant at night.  You can make a donation to Relight the Clock Tower by clicking HERE.


Withrow’s Jane Green & Diane Roland Reading Center’s First Anniversary

It has been a great first year for Withrow’s Reading Center.  How do we know?  The teachers and students are telling us.  Volunteer and Board member Kathy Price Rieck (’73) has a manila envelope full of “thank you” notes from them, but more on that later.

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Your Alumni Association’s Impact on Withrow

By Jack Cover, ’59

The first Withrow Alumni Tower News edition in the fall of 1995 announced the legal incorporation of the Withrow Alumni Assn. as Withrow Alumni, Inc. (WAI), a 503(c)(3) nonprofit and foundation. WAI initially sponsored activities at Withrow’s Homecoming game including an Alumni Queen, Alumni Band and Alumni Cheerleaders.  The Tower News went on to state the Alumni Goals (which have changed only slightly over the years), the need for volunteers to staff critical committees, and a plea to “Help us make all of this happen with your charter membership.”

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