Regina Williams ’84, First Black Female CPS Athletic Director

Excerpted from article by Scott Springer
Cincinnati Enquirer, May 13, 2021, Read the full article by clicking HERE.

Withrow’s new Athletic Director Regina Williams ’84 is the first Black female in Cincinnati Public School history to head up an athletic department.

AD Willliams is a member of the Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame as well as the Cincinnati Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame. After her career at Withrow, she played basketball at the University of Cincinnati from 1985-89.

Her No. 20 Withrow jersey is retired unless she chooses to wear it to motivate future Tigers. 

“I practice prayer, patience, perseverance and persistence,” Williams said. Those four Ps paid off as 2021 got underway with another P: promotion. 

After 10 years as the assistant athletic director and in-school suspension coordinator at Withrow, Williams was bumped up to the top job when Jonas Smith moved from Withrow to become athletic director at Trotwood-Madison. 

Withrow football coach Kali Jones noted, “It’s a beautiful time for Withrow. She’s from Withrow; she graduated from UC and she came back and worked in the building. She’s homegrown, so it’s a natural fit. She’s kind of like our auntie or big sister.”

Williams hopes to instill a winning tradition in all sports. “Don’t give up; don’t get down when things aren’t going your way,” Williams advises her athletes. “That’s only going to make you stronger. It’s not going to knock you down. It’s going to make you stronger to pursue whatever it is you want in life.” Williams also believes for current Withrow students to see and work with successful Withrow grads helps students believe they too can succeed in their lives.

To read Scott Springer’s full article, click HERE 

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