Purple Rain Roof Party Results

Board Member Carol Mitchell Lawrence reports on the final results of the Purple Rain Rooftop Party held on June 4th. “Thank you to all who contributed and participated in our BIG 50 Purple Rain Rooftop Party! Because of your generosity, we are able to donate $800, with $400 being allocated to each of our initiatives.

Although, we did not reach our goal, every dollar counts. Your contribution will allow us to award one $500 scholarship, and support several team meals this year. Special shout out to the class of ’77, ’80, ’82 and ’83 for your support. Again thanks to everyone, and I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for future opportunities to get involved…..

I would like to personally thank my classmates Angie Burney-Farrell and Eric Chapman.

Bangee Bee thank you for allowing me to breathe life into your ideas, and always being a person of your word. Crowning the oldest classmates was a cute idea. Some of us miss math class, or maybe it was the drinks. Lol! I also love the online interactive Prince Trivia you and Nichelle hosted.

Eric Chapman thank you for your leadership and entrepreneurship. We truly received 1st class amenities with First Call Bartending. The drinks and facility was on point. We wish you continued success.” #‎TigerPride #‎MMSF #‎RestoreTheRoar

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