President’s Message

By Vincent Stitzel ’59, Tower News, Spring 2017

In 2016 Alumni resources were allocated for very important projects. A list of those expenditures may be seen at Alumni Association Projects .  The Alumni Assn. has three criteria for monetary support:

The needs of studen(s or a student, support to the Administration/staff and for the upkeep of the building and grounds. Each request is verified that there is a definite need to ensure that there are no existing funds in non-Alumni Assn. fund control points such as the Principal’s budget or that Cincinnati Public schools cannot provide funding. The Alumni Assn. may support a project in full, initiate a matching funding project or provide the difference in funds that may be in another Withrow budget. It is only because of the Alumni donations and support that we are able to con-tinue to provide funding for these initiatives.

In January, Withrow was honored as the Most Beautiful High School Building in Ohio by an independent agency (we all knew that anyway, didn’t we?). On behalf of the WAI board members, I want to thank you for your generosity that allows us to do the important and necessary functions that allow Withrow to be as you remembered when you walked the halls.

Take the time to visit to see what is current at Withrow and to make a donation. Again, we thank you for all you do and look forward to your continued support.


  1. From Withrow Staff members
    “Thank you Alumni members for your support of the job training program here at Withrow. It was wonderful to have lunch served to us and even better seeing the students’ progress in both job training and interpersonal skills.” “The past school year has been fantastic in part because of your kindness. The Tiger Diner has helped the students gain valuable work and people skills. The dinners were thoughtful ways of showing appreciation to the staff. Again a heartfelt thank you.”

  2. From Paul Daniels, Withrow Principal
    “Iwould like to thank the Alumni for your support of me as the leader. I truly hope the next principal realizes how special it is to have such an amazing group as a constant partner for success.”

  3. From John Harris ’58
    “I last saw the “Gentle slopes and lofty tower” in 1958, but I have followed the structural changes in the school and I am very impressed with the 2016 gradu¬ation data – high graduation rates, a strong effort to continue education be¬yond secondary school, and the Dual Credit program with Cincinnati State. These are things Withrow can be proud of. Congratulations. My wife and I have supported inner city education programs in Boston and Roveria Beach, Florida and are pleased to be able to support Withrow.”

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