New Jane Green/Diane Roland Reading Center at Withrow

With laptops in classrooms, rapid access to the “past and present world” is just a click away. Technological advances have certainly altered and facilitated the breadth and depth of educational development. In turn, school libraries have faced challenges in order to remain viable, and, for a myriad of reasons, the Withrow Library ceased operations in 2001.

When retired librarian Kathy Price-Rieck ’73 joined the Board of Trustees, she brought a passion for reading and immediately saw a major opportunity to contribute to the educational development of our Withrow students. Her vision was a Reading Room providing students access to a broad range of fiction and non-fiction reading material geared to producing life-time readers. Citing studies that show reading increases vocabulary, improves analytical thinking skills and concentration, and impacts standardized test/college entrance exam scores, her vision was an easy sell to the Board and the Withrow Administration.

Transitioning her vision to reality was the result of the efforts of many including Kathy’s nephew, Mitch Price (son of Connie Price ’78 and currently a Walnut Hills Senior). As an active Boy Scout, he saw the Reading Center as a service project benefiting the community which, through his leadership, would fulfill a qualification to his becoming an Eagle Scout. His involvement included fundraising and recruiting others to assist in boxing, transporting, and shelving over 500 volumes which are located in an alcove of The Holwadel Alumni Center. The Board supported Mitch’s fundraising efforts with a $1 for $1 match resulting in $5,770 for the Reading Center.


At a September 25th dedication ceremony it was announced that the area would be called the Jane Greene/Diane Roland Reading Center in recognition of two long-time Withrow English teachers. Jane Greene ’60, at left in photo above, taught for 34 years (1968-2002) while Diane Roland, at right in photo above, is in her 36th year at Withrow.

The Reading Center will be manned by volunteers. If interested in volunteering, you may call the Alumni Office at 513-363-9085 or contact the Alumni Assn. office by clicking HERE. If interested in helping to defray expenses in maintaining and expanding the reading selections, you may do so online by clicking HERE or by a check made payable to “WAI” with “Reading Center” written in the memo line. Please mail the check to Withrow Alumni Inc., P.O. Box 8186, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. We do need, and thank you for, your support.


  1. Kenneth C. Davis wrote this in Huffington Post about a meter maid’s gift to him…

    “As I thought about the gift of that book, the meter maid’s “deliberate act of kindness” inspired a simply perfect idea: What if we all gave somebody a book today? The recipient needn’t be a child or a teenager. But that’s a good place to start. And it needn’t be a new book. The copy of The Dubliners I received some 40 years ago was “gently used.”
    Want to change the world? Maybe it’s this simple. Just put a great book in someone’s hands today.”

    Want to be involved? A contribution of reading material for today’s students, or a library dedicated financial gift
    may well help a Withrow student today.