Major R. McNeil Scholarship Fund

“From the tower at Withrow ~ we can see the whole world”
– Major R. McNeil

First African American Withrow High School Principal, 1980 -1985

The Major R. McNeil Scholarship Fund, established by the Withrow High School Class of 1984 at The Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation, requests your donation.

This scholarship was established as a tribute to Major R. McNeil’s commitment to educational excellence. Major R. McNeil was nationally recognized for his creative, innovative and compassionate approach to the education of a largely diverse student population in one of the most comprehensive high schools in America.

It has been said that education prepares our youth to contribute significantly to the preservation of the democratic ideal. Clearly education is now and will always remain a major facilitator of individual growth, development and leadership.

The Major R. McNeil Scholarship Fund assists qualified WHS graduates to pursue post secondary academic, occupational or technical education.