Junior High Arch Restoration

Board Member Dave Blocksom is leading a project to restore the original Junior High Arch that lead students to the Junior High building. Early this past spring, the Alumni Association received a call from Helen Wilbur ’71 (granddaughter of Ralph Wilbur who was Principal of the Withrow Junior High from 1946-1957). Her family was in possession of the Withrow Junior High wrought iron arched sign that was over the driveway between the junior and senior high buildings.

Helen Wilbur asked whether there would be interest in returning the sign to the Withrow campus. The arched sign is 14’ long with a 7’ high radius. The sign was removed around 1971 when, following the move of Junior High Schools to separate campuses in 1970, construction began on the Vocational Education building. Dave believes the sign was originally installed in 1938 presumably as a gift from the Junior High Class of 1938 since the number “38” is on the sign.

With a Junior High returning to Withrow after a 43 year hiatus, it has been proposed that the arch, following restoration work, be installed on brick columns similar in size and design to its original columns and the current brick columns surrounding the stadium. The Withrow Administration enthusiastically supports installation near the current Junior High wing of the main building and not far from its original site.

Total cost of the sign restoration, brick columns and foundation, installation and identifying plaque is $17,500. This is a one time capital expenditure which both the Board and the school administration believe would not only enhance the campus but would signify that the Junior High is a recognized part of the campus. Perhaps also, as a link to the past, it would add to that elusive sense of “school spirit”. If you are interested in helping to restore the original Junior High Arch to the Withrow campus, donations may be made online by clicking HERE.or by a check made payable to “WAI” with “Jr. Hi Arch” written in the memo line. Please mail the check to Withrow Alumni Inc., P.O. Box 8186, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208. We do need, and thank you for, your support.