Endowment Fund

banner_P1080242_586x374In today’s economy, public education is faced with significant financial constraints resulting in the elimination of academic programs and classes, extracurricular programs, health and well-being programs, etc.

The Withrow Alumni Association has, for almost two decades, striven to be an aid in providing Withrow both financial and volunteer support to help bridge the gap between the school’s needs and its ability to meet those needs.  Withrow Alumni have contributed substantially to both capital improvements and to school programs that enhance the learning environment and experience.  These contributions help keep the building, grounds and educational programs a source of pride for the staff and students.

To facilitate the Withrow Alumni Association’s continuing long term partnership with Withrow High School, an endowment fund was established several years ago.  Funding of the Endowment Plan is from two sources: first, designated donations to the Plan, and second, Estate charitable bequests.  Annual Endowment Plan distributions do not exceed 6% of the Plan value in any calendar year.

Continued funding of the Endowment Plan is an important part of the Alumni Association being able to continue to support Withrow over the long term.  If you would like more information about the Endowment Plan, please Contact Us at 513-363-9085.

You may also fill out the Request for Endowment Fund Information.