Help Withrow with Kroger Plus Card

By Rob Hinton, ‘71, Board Member

When I was asked to become a member of the Withrow Alumni board two years ago, little did I know that I would actually have to do some work. After all, I’ve served on non-profit boards in the past where all I had to do was sit, nod and look pretty. So I “volunteered” to serve on the Withrow Alumni board’s Public Relations Committee. After spending nearly 25 years working in television news, I told myself I could do this! Right? ! Now comes my first  assignment…telling you (the alumni) how you can “reward” Withrow by using your Kroger Plus Shopping Card. Stay tuned (television news speak) because, I’m going to tell you how that works.

First, I want to share with you how Withrow has rewarded me. I can sum it up in one word…passion! That includes my passion for learning, my passion for people and my passion for giving and serving. Sure, we had great teachers and received a great education (back in the day) but when I look back at all of the extra curricular activities we had…activities we took for granted like band, choir, sports, Sounds and all of those special clubs that allowed us to develop our unique skills…our passions. I can’t help but look back on my years at Withrow with a lot of pride. My class (1971) recently gathered for its 45th reunion. It gave us the opportunity to reflect with fondness, how great and special our years at Withrow were. I’m sure that is the case at most Withrow class reunions.

As some gathered outside the front of the school, they didn’t see much change in the brick and mortar. Once inside, however,the picture changed and the floodgate of memories start pouring out… “the way we were.” Old classmates began to see new things like the dental clinic where the choir room once was. They discover that the Alumni office is now housed where the library once flourished with students reading books. They learn that the Tiger Marching Band of today, though smaller but still grand, is not fiscally capable of doing some of the things that we took for granted.

If I had twenty dollars for every time a former schoolmate has told me how glad he or she was that we attended Withrow when we did, the coffer of the Alumni organization would be overflowing. (Okay, I’m exaggerating just a little). But the one thing I’m not exaggerating about is the  passion I hear in the voices of former Tigers about their years at Withrow…and I’m a firm believer in rewarding passion. I hoping many of you are too! (Cue…grab your purse, wallet, key chain and pull out your Kroger Plus Shopping Card) Here’s one special way you can reward your passion for Withrow. Many of us shop at Kroger. Well, did you know that when you shop at Kroger and use their rewards card (the Kroger Plus Shopping card), not only can you “save” money on grocery items and gasoline purchases, you can also “reward” your alma mater. The good news is it costs you nothing (but a little time at your computer)…and does not affect your rewards usage at all (and I know that’s important to those of you who use your Kroger Plus Card to buy gas at a bargain price). Here’s how it works. First visit the website Again, make sure you have your Kroger plus card handy to register your card and follow the prompts under the “Community” section of the Kroger web page. As Kroger states on its web site, it is committed to helping its communities grow and prosper. All you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card. By registering your card annually, (a reminder is sent each year via email) and choosing Withrow Alumni Inc. as your designated organization, we can continue to help today’s students and staff at Withrow. We want to grow the passion we have for our alma mater and support the academics, sports and other projects that we took for granted during out time there. For more detailed instructions, click HERE.

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