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Instructions and information needed to add a reunion/event:

  1. Name your reunion/event. We recommend using your gradustion year and the year of the reunion, ie. 1964-25thReunion.
  2. The date of your reunion/event. Reunion/events should NOT be marked as recurring.
  3. The location where your reunion.event will be held. Unknown or unconfirmed locations may be checked “no physical location” however, please also state that in the “details” section of the form. If your reunion/event has more than one location (a 2-day event), you may add each day as a separate event (1964-25thReunion-Fri & 1964-25thReunion-Sat) and list each location with the appropriate event.
  4. Provide as much information as possible in the “Details” area.
  5. You may list up to 4 people as contacts for this event. Please list their names, email addresses and phone numbers in the wpcf-fields in the form.
  6. Event Images submission is not permitted here.
  7. Booking/Registration is not enabled.

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