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Withrow Sounds Again – May 9th-11th

Thursday – May 9th – 7:30pm   Friday & Saturday – May 10th & 11th8:00pm.
Reserved seat tickets may be purchased at the school or on the Withrow Sounds Again (WSA) website.
PRICES:    Adults – $20; Children 12 and under – $10;
Withrow students can buy tickets at school for $8 or online for $10.

Choreographer – Melody Nordmoe and Stage Manager –Sayre Frederich are constantly planning.


Rehearsals are in full swing with Sayre Frederick working with students and  Vocal Director – Avery Hammond works with students and the alumni choir.


Auditorium improvements continue. CPS has completed installation of power to the balcony railing lights and spotlights, below left. Zachery Riggins ‘72 and Brennan Tryling, a Friend of Withrow, replaced more than 125 red and blue bulbs and installed a donated 90 channel light board, below center. For the first time ever, all the stage lights can be individually controlled to illuminate the stage in different colors.

Dennis Goens ’69 and wife Mary, below left have been selling WSA spirit wear at school and scanning hundreds of old photos for programs and Facebook. Dennis Farmer ’77 has been busy making 50 foldable sheet music stands, below center and obtained a donation of the tympani, below right.  

Gary Beckstedt ’69’ is responsible for two spot lights and donated 28 walkie talkies and chargers for communications. Below left, Kathy Eby Fischer ’62, her husband Justin, Claudia Eby Bley ’65 and Rich Eby ’59 scanned and processed over 1,300 sheets of Smitty’s and others’ musical arrangements, printed over 3,500 sheets of instrument music and taped the two sheet parts together.
Brian Bley, a friend of Withrow, has raised the stage-right and stage-left headers to 12 ft., at left, allowing taller stage sets to be easily moved onto the stage and providing support for back stage lights. Queen City Church donated the front staging area shown at right. Carol Wetzel, a Friend of Withrow, is now busy making costumes. A xylophone was recently donated by Reading High School.

Working on the Welcoming Committee are Patty Hoskins Dilg ’71, Louise Waldeck Arnett ’63, Lorraine Wilson Baker ‘75, Kay Ferguson Eby ’59, committee volunteers are Joan Grant Perkins ’64 and Nancy Elizabeth Herrin ’60. Concessions Committee includes Diane Dangerfield Byrd ’72. Debbie Fischer Weitz ‘71 is working to obtain sponsors. Juwan Carter ’17 is the Dance Team Leader. Bahta Tesfalem is the Senior/Youth Ambassador. Others volunteers include Lori Dible Chaffin ‘75, Pat Bacchus ‘73, Colleen Shaner ‘72, Pat Stephens Hunley ‘78, Deb Noon Yee ‘74, Mary Jeanette Turner ’78, Carol Taylor ’54, Carol Mitchell Lawrence ’84 Clarice Cummings Titus ’73, Gary Michael Beckstedt ’69, Faith Lee Hill ’88, Nateasia Thomas ’99 and Friends of Withrow Dr. K.T. Moncree-Moffett and Randy Glerth.

Withrow Staff who are assisting and encouraging student involvement involved include Beverly Early ‘82, Senior Support Specialist, English Teacher Diane Roland, Science teacher Jody McOsker and Chemistry/Physics teacher Caroline Burns, Multicultural Arts Teacher Denise Gordon, ESL Coordinator Maria Hidalgo, Art Teacher Kim Kilby, Intervention Specialist Cynthia Lockett-Nelson, Consulting Administrator Pam Thomas, Intervention Specialist Debora Wilson, Bus Admin Marketing/Financial Planning Inyeai Ororokuma, Vice Principal Dwayne DuBois and Principal Jerron Gray.

 Cincinnati Public Schools have been very supportive of the auditorium restoration. The Director of Fine Arts Dr. Isidore Rudnickand the Director of Facilities Robin Brandon collaborated to provide a new sound system and the installation of the associated wiring for the new stage lights, spot lights, light and sound boards and more. The work is being done by CPS electricians Rob Smith, Brian Thorner and Brandon Bell. Choreographer – Melody Nordmoe and Vocal Director – Avery Hammond are also funded by CPS.

A Withrow Sounds Again website is now up  Check it out! Posters and signs are available for marketing. Auditions are over; the show has been cast and music selected. For Facebook users, follow the action on theWithrow Sounds Again Facebook page.

Anyone can buy a sponsored message line in the program for $2 through the WSA website, and Business ads and sponsorships are also being sold. If you know any businesses that may be interested in being a sponsor, please submit a Contact Form by clicking HERE

We need more volunteers to assist with costumes, dressing rooms, parking, refreshments, ushers and other volunteer duties. If you’re willing to help out contact please fill out the WSA Volunteer Form by clicking HERE. Alternatively, you may contact Zachery Riggins ’72 – 513-652-5080, or leave a message with the alumni office, 513-363-9085.

If you would like to help restore the arts at Withrow and the Withrow Sounds Again production, please click HERE and make a donation

Withrow Centennial Golf Outing – Friday, September 6, 2019

Location:           Reeves Golf Course at Lunken Airport
Registration:     10 am, arrive on site
Shotgun Start:  11 am
Format:              Four Person Scramble – 1 putt rule & no handicaps
Single Entry Price:  $100 that includes

  • 18-hole greens fees w/riding cart
  • 1 Lunch Ticket for a sandwich and snack bag
  • 1 Drink Ticket – 16oz can domestic beer, 20oz bottled soft drink
  • All tax and gratuities
  • Use of practice facilities
  • A Centennial Golf Outing momento
  • A $40 donation to the Major McNeil Scholarship Fund

The Major McNeil Scholarship Fund was established in March 2015 by the Class of 1984 and is currently administered through the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation. Bianca Martin from the class of 2015, the first scholarship recipient, is currently an Academic Honor Society junior at Central State University.

 Foursome Team Entry Price: $360

 Join your fellow alums and other friends for a day of fun in the sun. You can play individually with other classmates or put together a foursome from your class. For the most fun, play any tees you wish. Come prepared for closest to the pin and longest drive contests.

We are soliciting sponsors for this event. If you own or work for a company willing to sponsor this event or wish to help with reservations or in any way, please fill-out the Centennial Golf Outing Volunteer form by clicking HERE.

This event is being planned by, left to right, Terrence Scherer, Sr. ’84, Rich Eby ’59, and Lynn Moore ’57. Feel free to contact any of them by email at

Current volunteers include Tom Williams ’65, Felix Maye ’86 and John Apgar ’68.

 Tickets are available for sale at

 Entries on a first-paid, first-served basis

Entries must be received by August 20, 2019.
Program is planned to finish by 5:30 pm for those attending an evening event.

Withrow Centennial Crosstown Shootout

Withrow Centennial Crosstown Shootout
Withrow Alumni vs. Woodward Alumni Basketball Game
Saturday, September 7th from Noon – 3 PM at the Withrow Gym

Admission Price for the game – $5

 Enjoy a return of favorite Withrow Tigers taking on alums from the cross-town rival Bulldogs. Tigers returning for this event include, left to right below: Rick Calloway ’85, Yancy Gates ’08, Roselle Nix ’11, Chris Knight ‘05 and many more.

You may purchase a lunch before the game. The game will include appearances of current and past Withrow cheerleaders and the current Withrow Band. A great halftime show includes exciting alumni slam dunk and 3 point shooting contests.

The details of this event are being planned by, left to right below, Steve Gentry ’89, Regina Williams ’84, Michael Boggan ’82, Joanne Stenson Sawyer ’84, Damon George ’88 and Terrence West ’90.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Withrow Athletic Program.

1989 Girls’ Basketball Team – 20W – 2L – under Coach Fred Willis

1989 Boys’ Basketball Team – 23W – 2L – under coach George Jackson

Withrow Tower News – The First 50 Years


“If it happened—it’s here” was the winning slogan submitted by sophomore Jeanne LeFeber ’50 in a contest held by Tower News in the fall of 1947. She was awarded a $10.00 prize for her entry, which was to appear in the Tower News masthead for the next 30 years.

The first edition of East High School’s The Tower News was issued April 22, 1921. Printed at school, the newspaper contained no advertising and cost 5 cents. Student Horace Wersel was given credit for suggesting the name for the paper. The students at East High had chosen to have a newspaper instead of a magazine; and in this regard, Tower News remained the first and only public school newspaper in Cincinnati for almost a decade.

Published bi-weekly, the paper consisted of club news, stories, poems, essays, cartoons, and humor. All aspects of sports news, both male and female, were prominent. In the ensuing years, alumni news and events were heavily featured. By the late 1920’s, the paper expanded into a weekly publication and added more cartoons and gossip.

In 1929, it became necessary to print Tower News out of school, and the business staff was expanded to bring in advertising.

By the early 1930’s, with the depression at its worst, the paper was scaled back to bi-weekly and fears were evident that, due to lack of sales and advertising, Tower News would have to cease publication altogether. The student body rallied, and the paper continued throughout the Depression.

World War II brought the paper back to a weekly publication. War news and stories of alumni and former students in service were prominent along with the usual sports, clubs and activities, and gossip. Instructions for air raid drills, and the sometimes humorous results of air raid drills, were featured along with articles about the Victory Corps and similar war time activities. Times may have been difficult but the most copy was given over to the popular “swing” bands of the time. What the hit songs were and where and when the bands were playing in the Cincinnati area helped relieve the stress of wartime life. Weekly casualty lists were published on the first page throughout the war.

In 1944, Tower News held a contest for new school songs. Suggesting that “On Withrow” was a “parody” of “On Wisconsin”, the Editors wanted to replace it with something specific to Withrow. With the school name changed from East High to Withrow High in 1924, Tower News had sponsored the same  contest to get rid of the “On Wisconsin” tune. Both contests were unsuccessful. However, the 1944 contest for an Alma Mater had a winner. With Sigma Gamma awarding a $25.00 prize, junior Rowena Hezlep’s words remain the Alma Mater to this day. The song, with music by choral director Leo Grether, was presented on Class Day 1945.

Over the ensuing years, the Tower News remained a weekly paper. For special occasions, and for the year 1956, a six-page paper was possible. Special sports issues were common in the fall as was the Minstrel/Sounds of Withrow issue in the spring; an April Fool issue highlighted the wit of the Tower News staff. The Class Day issue at the end of the school year was prepared by the departing seniors, and the underclassmen took over the assignments for the next school year.

In the fall of 1965, the Board of Education bought Withrow a printing press; and the Tower News once again was printed in-house. It was reduced to a bi-weekly publication, but because advertising was no longer necessary, the content remained the same.

During most of its run, Tower News enjoyed an All-American or a First-Class rating from the National Scholastic Press Association. Withrow students knew they had good reason to be proud of their paper, and the national recognition was icing on the cake. And, after 50 years, the price may have doubled—but was still only 10 cents.

Withrow Memorial Gifts

Many Withrow alums are friends with other alums throughout their lives. When we lose alums and friends, many of us would like an opportunity to remember them and the origin of their friendship. Therefore, for those who want to pay tribute to a lost friend and alum by making a donation to the Withrow Alumni Assn., please select the Donate Button below. On the next screen, enter the amount of your donation, and on the following screen select the + to enter the name of the person honored by the memorial gift. Thank You.