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Regina Williams ’84, First Black Female CPS Athletic Director

Excerpted from article by Scott Springer
Cincinnati Enquirer, May 13, 2021, Read the full article by clicking HERE.

Withrow’s new Athletic Director Regina Williams ’84 is the first Black female in Cincinnati Public School history to head up an athletic department.

AD Willliams is a member of the Withrow Athletic Hall of Fame as well as the Cincinnati Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame. After her career at Withrow, she played basketball at the University of Cincinnati from 1985-89.

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2nd Annual Tiger Classic Golf Tournament

Hello Tiger Nation!
Are you ready for a warm sunny day with a cool beverage in your hand, your buddies by your side and a fun afternoon on the golf course?  That is just what is going to happen on June 17th for the 2nd Annual Tiger Classic Golf Tournament benefiting the Withrow High School football program!  Last year was such a success despite being held during a global pandemic, and we are super excited about how this year will be even better! Register online or download a registration form by clicking HERE.

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Withrow-the first 50 years of Withrow At War

by Bob Linnenberg ’63

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, which began in Europe in September 1939. The United States became fully involved with the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Life was about to change for all Withrow students.

Because of Cincinnati’s prominence in the production of machine tools vital to the war effort and Withrow’s proximity to two major plants, air raid drills were implemented in January 1942. Tower News printed instructions on air raid protocols, but the first few practice drills generated humorous accounts of gym students being caught in the showers and having to dress while running to their assigned shelters.

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Jane Greene – Master of Her Craft


by Diane Roland

It would be impossible for me ever to walk past her old room up on the second floor and not recall the scene outside her door on the night before the Dux Femina induction. The hallway would be buzzing with girls, whispering, giggling, ears pressed to the crack beneath her door, straining to hear who would be chosen in the next day’s ceremony. It would be inconceivable that March 15 arrive and I forget the scene of her students scrambling over one another to be the first to proclaim “Beware the Ides of March” and win the cash prize.

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Withrow Alumni First Responders

To view Withrow alumni who are First Responders click HERE. Join the Withrow Alumni Assn. in thanking all of them.