Board Website Welcome

FEBRUARY 2015 – Vince Stitzel ’59 – Alumni Association President -With the help of numerous alumni over the past several years and most recently Scott Bent, Class of 1989 and founder of Instyle Creative Marketing, the Alumni Association is very pleased to present a new Alumni website to all Withrow Alumni. In the redesign, we are attempting to provide a more dynamic website that can be more easily updated. 
As you will see, almost all of the content is new, relevant to current circumstances and hopefully, better organized and easier to access.

We hope you make use of the Update Your Profile capability so that our Alumni database stays more accurate. We have also made it easier for you to support the Alumni Association by accepting PayPal, credit card and debit card donations.

The website allows you to provide comments and feedback to us. We encourage and welcome comments and suggestions; however, we screen comments received, so that inappropriate comments or material are not posted.

One item that we decided not to include on the website are alumni pictures. There are many social media websites that allow alums to stay in contact with each other, and we decided not to use Alumni website resources for this purpose. This Spring, we’ll be integrating the website with social media to provide even more comprehensive links to life at Withrow today.  We welcome your comments.


  1. The new web site looks great! Very user friendly and fun to tool around. Look forward to seeing more information added as time goes on.

    Great job everyone!