Auditorium Improvements

As part of producing Withrow Sounds Again, it’s necessary to make the auditorium performance ready in terms of the quality of sound and lighting. Below are recent improvements made.

Help us make further improvements by clicking HERE and selecting the button “to restore music and theater to Withrow and produce WITHROW SOUNDS AGAIN.

Auditorium Curtains
To eliminate reflected sound and block sunlight from interfering with the stage lighting, curtains have now been installed on all the balcony and lower level windows,  see photo above and left. With the help of the Zachery Riggins ‘72, the Queen City Church, Rich Eby ’59 and Carol Wetzel, a friend of Zach’s and now a Friend of Withrow, about 320 yards of material were purchased; and the curtains were fabricated and installed. The project consumed over 250 hours over 3 months and cost less than $3,000.

To further reduce reflected sound the Queen City Church purchased and installed carpeting that extends over the main isles of the lower level, see photo right.

Balcony Railing Light Hangers
To provide support for an additional 24 stage lights, 6 balcony railing light hangers were fabricated with a unique 2 tier design that allows 4 lights to be mounted on each hanger so they don’t interfere with each other. Zachery Riggins ’72 and Rich Eby ’59 worked on prototypes to create a final design, which was implemented using Unistrut components with the help of Mike Hoff and Denise Newland of Unistrut Cincinnati. Stuart Wheaton and Cheryl Brotherton of River City Scenic, provided invaluable assistance with welding and painting. This project also consumed over 250 hours over 3 months and cost less than $2,000, see photo below. The wrestling team which has occupied the stage for the last three years now has another home, so WSA no longer shares the stage them. 



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