Alumni Association Projects, Spring 2017

Withrow Tower Clock Repair

Not long after restoring the lighting in the Clock Tower it became apparent that the four clock facings were losing time at different rates. Since they are operated by one master controller installed in 2007, it was determined that the four individual clock motors driving the clock hands were severely affected by the high heat and condensation levels at the top of the Tower. For the previous almost ninety years, the clocks were operated by a set of massive gears with thick German milk glass clock faces which had made them impervious to these conditions. To address the issues, a non-mechanical thermodynamic ventilation system similar to home attic ventilation systems has been installed utilizing inconspicuous louvered vents. This summer the Verdin Company will replace the clock motors involving the use of a 125′ boom lift. Total cost of this replacement work is $10,000. By the start of 99th school year, Withrow’s Clock Tower will accurately shine again. YOUR support of any amount is greatly appreciated.

Withrow Alumni Association Funded Projects-2016-Total $34,335


Project – 4 Students @$700 = $2,800 YMCA in Columbus – 3 Students – $825 Reading Room – $257

Tiger Diner – Teaching Life Skills/Multiple Disabled Students – $914 Drinks For Lunch & Learn – $19 Cookout-$68

Tenth Grade Honor Roll Luncheon – $105 Sports & Music

Football Team, Band Members 8c Cheerleaders Meals – $1,595

Basketball Team Meals – $361

Athletic Department Signing Day Props – $538

Girls Softball Team Warm Ups – $960

Two Boys Basketball Summer Camps – $410

After School Music Instruction Stipend – $1,600

Dry-Clean Band Uniforms – $80

Band Piano Tuning – $220

Withrow Hall of Fame – $515

School Staff Support

16 Dozen School Uniform Shirts – $762 Staff Shirts- $2,280 Staff Incentives – $330

Teacher Appreciation Week Contribution – $908 Financial Aid Counselor Stipend – $2,050

Campus Maintenance

Junior High Sign Installation – $14,323

Tower Clock Lights Replaced & Louvers Installed – $6,909

Valley Watershed Project – $2,830

Front of School Landscaping Maintenance – $1,439

Fountain Maintenance – $202

American Flag Purchase – $35

The Alumni Association’s ability to be actively engaged in supporting Withrow’s students and the administration/staff would be impossible if it were not for YOU and other Withrow Alumni. Since the incorporation of the Alumni Assn. 22 years ago, over 2,500 Alumni have made donations in support of it’s mission of striving to be a supportive partner in promoting “a healthy learning environment that helps prepare students to become successful, productive and contributing members of society.” We are deeply appreciative of the support of all Alumni and especially indebted to the 563 Alumni whose faithful support (donating five or more times) truly sustains our efforts. For more informatino on donors or to help us with our work visit We thank you for your support.

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