Alumni Association Projects in 2017

By Dave Blockson
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In 2017, Withrow Alumni Inc. (WAI) allocated Alumni resources for important improvements to the buildings and campus, for student extra curricular activities, and for teacher, staff, and student support.

Each request for Alumni funds is vetted and verified to be sure that there is a definite need; and that there are no other existing funding options in non-WAI fund sources, such as the Principal’s budget of the Cincinnati Public Schools’ budget. If the funding request is for $1,000 or less, the Board of Trustees Executive Committee (President, Executive Director, and Treasurer) can approve the funding request. Larger funding requests require a majority approval from the entire Board of Trustees.

WAI may support a project in full, require a matching funding project investment, or provide the difference in funds that may be in another Withrow budget. We also partner with the Cincinnati Public Schools Facilities Department on campus improvements. It’s only because of the Alumni donations and support that we are able to continue to provide funding for these initiatives. On behalf of the WAI Board members, we thank you for your generosity that allows us to do the important and necessary work that allows Withrow’s campus to be as you remembered, when you walked the halls and to support a new generation of Tigers. Take time to browse through this website to see what is going on at Withrow today. If you like what we’re doing, please make a donation by clicking HERE. We welcome all donations, no matter the size. For those of you in a position to do so, please remember us in your estate planning. Again, thank you for all you do for Withrow. We look forward to your continued support.

WAI Funded Projects-2017-Total $76,945
ACADEMIC – $6,514

Tiger Diner – $1,319
Uniform polo shirts – $324
Cook Scholarship – $1,500
Senior Awards Day assembly food – $238
Awards assembly – $398
Senior Bridge Walk – $858
ELL students on boarding – $411
Chong Leadership Award – $250
Reading Center- $997
Senior Community Service lunch – $219

SPORTS & MUSIC – $50,364
Game tickets – $218

Boys basketball team meals -$590
Band piano tuned – $285
After school music instruction – $1,600
Weight Room renovation – $41,462
Boys basketball camps – $870
Soccer transportation – $701
Football team meals – $3,021
Soccer awards – $200
Band meal – $61
Trophy updates $148
Girls basketball team meals – $174
Clean band uniforms – $428
Stadium flag replacement – $156
Band – $364
Gym carpet cleaning – $86

Financial aid counselor – $1,950

Women’s Leadership exam snacks – $332
Staff holiday gifts – $188
ODE lunch meeting – $50
Administrator/teachers lunches – $86
Lunch & Learn drinks – $30
Teacher Appreciation week – Paul Daniels picture – $148

Landscaping maintenance – $8,264

Tower clock repair – $7,700
Fountain repair – $140
Tech sound support – $262

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