Withrow Centennial Plans


By Dave Blocksom ’68

Next August Withrow’s 100th graduating class will be starting their senior year. Your Alumni Association will join with Withrow’s staff, teachers and students in celebrating this historic event. Our celebrations will take place from next June until August, 2019. This will allow us two summers to bring our alumni back to campus to celebrate with us. We are currently planning several projects as part of the celebration. The photo above was taken July 6, 1918 and shows the basement below the old girl’s gym, which is now the cafeteria.

Various Board committees are planning the following programs:

  • Carol Mitchell Lawrence ’84 is heading a committee that is planning a multiple class years reunion weekend (classes with years ending in 8, 9, 4 and 5), a music reunion weekend and a sports reunion weekend.
  • Another committee is working with Withrow’s staff and teachers to create a Student Centennial project. The preliminary idea is to incorporate the history of Withrow into each classroom. While it should be fairly easy to incorporate that into history, social studies and English classes, the committee also wants to extend the project into STEM and other classes.
  • Of course, a visit to our archives in the Alumni Center (housed in the old library) will be an important part of this project. Another committee is working on a principals, staff and teachers reunion and campus tour. This may include a luncheon in the Alumni Center or the Media Center (the original lunchroom).
  • Another committee is working on a video of Withrow’s history, which will include an oral synopsis of its history as shown in historic photos as well as a brief tour of today’s campus.
  • Another committee is working on a City of Cincinnati proclamation and an Ohio Senate resolution recognizing Withrow’s Centennial. They will also use the media to inform the community of this milestone.
  • Centennial banners will be placed on the light poles around the Tower and on the two poles at the end of the bridge, all of which will be highly visible to the Madison Rd. traffic.

And finally, we can’t celebrate a Centennial without a fund raising campaign. This is a unique opportunity for all of our alumni to step up and help fund the great work that your Alumni Association does for our students and campus. All of the money that you contribute will go directly to school projects or campus improvements. There is no better way to ensure the future prosperity of Withrow.

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