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Alumni and Friends of Withrow Making a Difference

It’s been said before but it’s so true – without the generous support of time and financial resources from so many alumni and friends, WAI would not be in a strong partnership with the administration, staff and students. This generous support takes many forms, e.g.,

  • giving a talk about a marketing career to a group of students at a “Lunch and Learn” session sponsored by another school partner;
  • volunteering in the Reading Center; maintaining and caring for the Rookwood Fountain, Clock Tower, and grounds;
  • coordinating after school pre-game meals;
  • supporting many small requests for teacher/student initiatives facing limited resources;
  • planning Centennial activities recognizing/celebrating Withrow’s rich heritage; etc.

Your gifts of time and money, no matter the amount, go a long way in supporting WAI’s mission of “promoting a healthy learning environment that helps prepare students to become successful, productive and contributing members of society.”

Recent projects include:

Clock Tower: The internal ventilation issues have been addressed, the four clock motors driving the clock hands have been replaced, and once again the Clock Tower accurately shines radiantly in the sky. Repair costs of $8,370 came under the $10,000 budget.

Weight Room Upgrades: Appropriate flooring has been installed, fresh paint and graphics adorn the walls, and new equipment including free weight platforms and racks have created an inviting physical fitness environment deeply appreciated by students and staff. Total cost of all upgrades ($41,295) is under the Board approved budget.

Kroger Community Rewards Program: This past quarter resulted in a record high 100 households designating WAI as recipient in the Kroger Community Rewards program and generating over $600 for WAI. If YOU live in Ohio, please consider joining the other 100 households in this easy way to support Withrow programs.

Alumni Association Projects, Spring 2017

Withrow Tower Clock Repair

Not long after restoring the lighting in the Clock Tower it became apparent that the four clock facings were losing time at different rates. Since they are operated by one master controller installed in 2007, it was determined that the four individual clock motors driving the clock hands were severely affected by the high heat and condensation levels at the top of the Tower. For the previous almost ninety years, the clocks were operated by a set of massive gears with thick German milk glass clock faces which had made them impervious to these conditions. To address the issues, a non-mechanical thermodynamic ventilation system similar to home attic ventilation systems has been installed utilizing inconspicuous louvered vents. This summer the Verdin Company will replace the clock motors involving the use of a 125′ boom lift. Total cost of this replacement work is $10,000. By the start of 99th school year, Withrow’s Clock Tower will accurately shine again. YOUR support of any amount is greatly appreciated.

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Withrow Tigertown Book Drive

In our continuing quest to increase Withrow student literacy levels, we are kicking off the first Tigertown Book Drive for the Jane Greene and Diane Roland Reading Center located in the Withrow Alumni Center. Your $20 tax-deductible contribution will provide a book with a donor name plate and increase the selection of literary content available to our students. We’re looking to develop a larger collection in the following subject areas:


Civil War/Reconstruction
Great Migration to Pre-Civil Rights
Civil Rights
Post-Civil Rights to Present
“Hidden Figures” throughout history (Fannie Lou Hamer, etc.)


Slave Narratives (EX.: Frederick Douglas, Harriet A. Jacobs)
Harlem Renaissance (EX.: Zora Neale Hurston, Countee Cullee, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright)
Post-Harlem Renaissance/Jazz Age (EX: James Baldwin, Maya Angelou)
Civil Rights/Post-Civil Rights (EX: Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Alex Haley, etc.)
Contemporary Social Commentary (EX: Nelson George, Michelle Alexander, etc.)

Poets throughout AA History (EX: Phyllis Wheatley, James Weldon Johnson, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Saul Williams, Jessica Care Moore, etc.)

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On the PayPal Donate page, feel free to suggest authors we can add to the list. Thank you for your generous support.

Withrow Alumni Assn. Projects Report – Fall 2016

Taiwan Experience: For a second year, WAI was a catalyst in providing four students the opportunity to enrich their lives outside the classroom by being a part of a sixteen day exchange program in Taipei, Taiwan.  Read More →

New Lights for Withrow’s Clock Tower

newtowerlights03Nine years after its prior restoration, the clock facings on the tower again radiate at night like a beacon in the sky. Board member Dave Blocksom ’68 has overseen the replacement of the lighting by The Verdin Company with energy efficient LED lights in water proof housings. Your Board encourages YOUR support of any amount to keep the clock tower radiant at night.  You can make a donation to Relight the Clock Tower by clicking HERE.